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A New Account of the East Indies[1] is a book written by Captain Alexander Hamilton, a British sailor who spent his time in the East Indies from 1688 to 1723. He traded and travelled by sea and land to most of the countries and islands of commerce and navigation between the Cape of Good Hope and Japan.

The tome was a collection of his observations and remarks. It was written ostensibly to promote a better understanding of the traditions and customs of the indigenous inhabitants of these areas. Hamilton also described the harbours and rivers that he encountered.

It was printed by John Mosman in Edinburgh in 1727.

Table of Contents[]

Chapter I. Gives a traditional account of the first settling of Europeans at the Cape of Good Hope.

Chapter II. Gives a short description of the islands in the Ethiopian Seas.

Chapter III. Gives a description of Zeyla's sea coast.

Chapter IV. Gives a short description of the coast of Arabia.

Chapter V. Gives a description of Immaum of Mocha's country.

Chapter VI. Gives a description of Aden.

Chapter VII. Treats of the kingdom and city of Muskat.

Chapter VIII. Gives an acccount of Bassora city.

Chapter IX. Gives a description of the sea coast of Persia.

Chapter X. Is the continuation of the observations on the empire of Persia.

Chapter XI. Treats of the Mogul's dominions on the river Indus.

Chapter XII. Gives an account of the ancient kingdom of Guzerat.

Chapter XIII. Gives an account of the cities of Cambay, Baroach and Surat.

Chapter XIV. Is a continuation of my observations of the religions and customs used in Surat.

Chapter XV. Gives an account of the famous Aurengzeb's birth.

Chapter XVI. Treats of the cities and towns on the sea coast.

Chapter XVII. Gives a description of Bombay.

Chapter XVIII. Continues the observations on the affairs of Bombay.

Chapter XIX. Gives an account of the War of Bombay.

Chapter XX. Gives an account of what is remarkable on some islands.

Chapter XXI. Gives an account of Goa.

Chapter XXII. Gives an account of Sundah Rajah's dominions.

Chapter XXIII. Gives a description of Canara.

Chapter XIV. Treats of the Malabars.

- Chapter XV. Observations on the Samorin.

Chapter XVI. Gives an account of Couchin.

Chapter XVII. Treats of the island of Ceylon.

Chapter XVIII. Treats of the countries on the sea coast.

Chapter XXIX. Gives a short description of Fort St. George.

Chapter XXX. Gives an account of the coast of Chormondel.

Chapter XXXI. Treats of the sea coast and some inland countries.

Chapter XXXII. Is an account of the maritime towns on the Coast of Orixa.

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