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=Beauty pageant=
In November 2021, Chay, then 62 years of age, participated in a beauty contest and did not shy away from creating controversy. She joined the "Grand Lady" category of the "Singapore International Lady Pageant 2020/2021" hosted by TKS Pageant and was nominated by the organiser to contest in the "15th International Tea Ceremony for Women and Women 2021". She was therfore very grateful and felt that it was "a dream come true".
The kind and sensual Chay said that outside world unanimously accepted her as a comedian or even a harlequin, but in her inner world, she had longed to become a princess since she was a child. This time, with the organiser's encourageement, she had mustered the courage to participate in the pageant and to have a crack at entering the finals. "I am a transgender person, and I am very grateful that the organiser can accept me." When asked how she rated the standard of her looks, she replied: "I never thought I was ugly," but admitted that she was too thin, being 166cm in height and weighing less than 45kg. She lamented that she "had no flesh on her face," although her eyes and legs were good.
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