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All About Love (得閒炒飯 De xian chao fan) is a 2010 Hong Kong film directed and produced by Ann Hui. Based on a true story, the plot concerns two lesbians who had been lovers in the past and meet again years later in a counseling session for expectant mothers.[1] Hui said in an interview that initially "There were no investors" for the film because the subject of same-sex relationships was banned in China, and the Hong Kong film industry relied on the Chinese market.[1]

Ms. Hui, a graduate of the London Film School,[2] described the film as "serious...but it is also very commercial," adding that "Sometimes it is better to make serious issues more acceptable to audiences, by making it a comedy and having big stars so that people will come watch the movie."[3]


  • Sandra Ng as Macy
  • Vivian Chow as Anita
  • Cheung Siu-fai as Robert
  • William Chan as Mike
  • Joey Meng as Eleanor
  • Queenie Chu
  • Fan Yik-Man
  • Fung Bo Bo
  • Raven Hanson
  • Serina Ha
  • Jo Kuk as Waiwai
  • Abe Kwong
  • Eman Lam
  • Rick Lau
  • Tina Lau
  • Jayson Li


All About Love had its world premiere at the Hong Kong Summer International Film Festival on 11 August 2010;[4][5] followed by theatrical release on 26 August 2010.[6]

Its international premiere was held at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival on 13 September 2010.[7][8][9] It was screened by the Denver Film Society at the 2011 Cinema Q Film Festival,[10] and by the San Francisco Film Society in the inauguration of its "Hong Kong Cinema Series" festival in 2011.[11]


List of accolades
Award / Film Festival Date Category Recipient / Nominee Result Template:Abbr
Asian Film Festival Reggio Emilia
Best Actress Sandra Ng Template:Won [12][13]


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