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Avant Theatre & Language is a theatre company which connects through art as a universal language. It was founded in 2001 in Melbourne, Australia and branched out to Singapore in 2011 as part of its 10th Anniversary.


It is committed to excellence in performance-making and creative learning.

It strives to provide each artiste with opportunities to continually develop their artistic skills in an open, holistic, challenging and supportive multi-disciplinary learning environment. Through this Avant Theatre & Language will prepare them to play an active and responsible role as global artistic citizens in a multicultural world and the artistic industry. In doing, so it shares and supports the arts and cultural ministries in their vision of forging Singapore into a global arts hub in Asia.

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To be the premier provider of high quality commercial theatrical performances induced from various Asian and global theatre techniques/cultures and also to maintain a platform for drama and theatre exploration and education through worldly initiatives.

Company Overview[]

The emergence of Avant, Singapore was timely as there was a strong desire to expand and explore the craft of theatre in Southeast Asia with many collaborative partnerships. Steadfast in its artistic direction and realising many opportunities for artistic exploration in this region it was a lucrative and commercially viable move to set up Avant Theatre & Language Limited in Singapore on 2 March 2011 (2/3/4) as a Public Company Limited by Guarantee under the Non-Profit Organisation entity.

Avant, Singapore is new, fresh and willing to take on exciting ventures to promote multicultural art forms in Australia. Having the best of both worlds, east and west, Avant wants to be a hybrid production company carving its name in Melbourne’s contemporary theatre scene. Avant, Singapore aims to be a professional creative platform showcasing commercially appealing productions and an artistic exploratory platform working in partnership with local arts organisation in supporting the Singapore global arts hub identity.

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