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Blowing Wind is an online bulletin board and discussion platform for gay men in Singapore. The site was set up by IT-savvy gay volunteers in 1997, the same year as SiGNeL, the Singapore gay news list.

It runs advertisements to defray the costs of maintaining the site and approves of any topic under the sun, not only LGBT issues. However, it eschews political discussion, especial anti-governmental rants. The forum is moderated by founders and volunteers who maintain strict discipline of its etiquette and rules. Users who flout the regulations are suspended from posting for a certain period or banned altogether.


The discussion fora on the site are divided into 3 main categories:

  • the Blowing Wind Main Forum (advertises itself as a bulletin board without an attitude, a forum for the mature Singaporean gay man.)
  • the Members' Lounge (only members can post but anyone (including guests) can view.)
  • Personals (personal classified advertisements, eg. in search of life partners, sports buddies, etc.Only members can post but anyone (including guests) can view.)

Although primarily an online discussion forum, its creators and moderators do organise real-world outings like karaoke sessions for its members on special occasions like its anniversary.

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