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Clarke Quay MRT station (NE5) is an underground Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station on the North East Line in Singapore River planning area, Singapore.[1]

Despite its name, Clarke Quay station is not physically located within Clarke Quay which lies on the northern bank of the Singapore River. Rather, the station is built along the southern bank of the river, directly connected to The Central.


The station is located on the opposite side of the Singapore River where Clarke Quay is actually situated. The distance between Clarke Quay and the previous station, Chinatown, is the shortest distance between two MRT stations in Singapore, a mere 360 metres. The reverse bungee ride, the Ministry of Sound nightclub and Club MoMo are located near to the station.


The former Ellenborough Market was acquired in 1995 for the construction of Clarke Quay MRT station, including some HDB flats at Clarke Quay. Residents were told to move out by December 1996. These include Block 1 Tew Chew Street. Clarke Quay opened in 20 June 2003, and the construction of The Central also begun for completion in October 2006.

The station has one of the lowest riderships along the North East Line, probably because it is on the wrong side of the Singapore River, and also partly due to the lack of developments surrounding the station and its proximity with Chinatown.



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