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Eileena Lee is one of Singapore's most well known lesbian activists. She can be considered a leader of the second generation of lesbian activists, just as the first generation was represented by Madeleine Lim.

Lee was the founder of RedQueen!, Singapore's first and main lesbian mailing list and the first local lesbian still residing in Singapore to be interviewed in an article by Fridae[[1]. She was instrumental in the setting up of Looking Glass, a counselling service for lesbians in emotional distress, and Pelangi Pride Centre, Singapore's first LGBT community centre.

Lee and Dinesh Naidu hosted at the opening of Pelangi Pride Centre at Mox Bar on Saturday, 6 May 2006[2]:

Lee relinquished her appointment as president of the pro-tem committee of People Like Us in 2006 but continues to build a bridge between the lesbian and gay communities. She currently devotes most of her energy to managing activities at Pelangi Pride Centre and moderating RedQueen!.

On Wednesday, 23 February 2005 at 8.30 pm, the Chinese-language TV channel, Channel U, broadcast a 30-minute current affairs program officially entitled, "Inside out" (非常透视眼). It contained an excerpt of an interview with Lee (see Transcript of Channel U documentary: "Do homosexuals have space for their activities?". She appears in Part 1 from 3:04 minutes onwards and in Part 3 from 3:09 minutes onwards.).

Singaporean most well-known lesbian activist Eileena Lee during the Channel U television documentary "Inside Out" aired on 23 February 2005.

Lee and her mother were featured in Pink Dot's campaign video in 2010:

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