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The National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) is an ecumenical fellowship of Churches and Christian organisations in Singapore. This duty was initially carried out by the Malayan Christian Council which was then succeeded by the Council of Churches of Malaysia and Singapore. Following the expulsion of Singapore from Malaysia, a new, separate Council of Churches in Singapore was then constituted on 24 July 1974.[1] It represents over 250 churches in Singapore.[2]

The current president of the NCCS is Terry Kee.[3]

The Council has been noted to be "socially conservative and theologically evangelical", embracing denominational and liturgical diversity. This has led several independent churches to seek membership in the council.[4]

In recent years, it has also taken a more active stance,[5] issuing statements on issues that the Council feels are of grave concern. These include the Pink Dot Movement and the new online gambling laws.[6][7]


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