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New Nation was Singapore's second major English-language newspaper, published by New Nation Publishing Pte Ltd from January 1971 to November 1982[1],[2].

It adopted an evening broadsheet format and was published on every day of the week except Sunday. The publishing company was owned by The Straits Times and the Melbourne Age and it aimed to be a quality newspaper employing an expensively assembled newsroom with highly paid expatriates.

In the 2010s, the name "New Nation" was appropriated by a contemporary satirical online news website[3].

It advertises itself thus[4]:

" is quite obviously, a satire site. We write fake news half the time, and make an effort to write funny commentary in the other half. Our content is easy-to-read, concise, always insightful, and never boring. We cover current affairs, culture, technology, lifestyle, and weird news.

Training ground

We’re always on the lookout for contributors with a wicked sense of humour. Contact us if you want to try your hand at satire.

Meet the team

Belmont Lay – founder

Terence Lee – founder

Joey Tan – intern"

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  • Dick Yip's article in his blog, "The Wise Old Owl", "Old News clippings...the New Nation, 1977", 1 May 2009[5].
  • New Nation, a satirical online news website[6].


This article was written by Roy Tan.