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Set up on 24 September 1998, RedQuEEn! is Singapore's oldest email discussion group for queer women.

It is a general and social mailing list for queer women who are Singaporeans or Singapore residents. It is intended as a fun, friendly, and supportive list to include everything from humor to serious discussion.

RedQuEEn! was initiated by former PLU president Eileena Lee on 24 September 1998. It is Singapore's oldest moderated email discussion group for bisexual, lesbian and queer womyn and provides a safe online discussion space for them.

Having started from an initial group of 17 women, the Singaporean list numbered over 1000 women in the mid-2000s. With discussions ranging from the serious to the very humorous, it provides online support as well as friendship and networking opportunities.

RedQuEEn! organised monthly gatherings called Women's Nite at Pelangi Pride Centre for queer women living in Singapore. The venue was later changed to an arts centre near Katong. Its postings have been archived in Yahoo! groups since 1998.

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