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SPH MediaWorks Channel U (优频道, yōu píndào), commonly known as Channel U, is a defunct Singapore Mandarin language terrestrial television station channel in Singapore. The television channel began broadcasting on 6 May 2001 and ceased operations on 1 January 2005 after it changed ownership. As a result of a merger with MediaCorp the channel is now run by MediaCorp TV under the name Channel U.

Although initially having to rely largely on imported content, the channel later introduced well-received programming. Despite the limited size of its talent base the channel managed to receive ratings equal to or exceeding that of MediaCorp TV Channel 8 before its transfer to MediaCorp.Template:Citation needed It is broadcast from Level 7 in Singapore Press Holdings at 82 Genting Lane in Tanjong Pagar, in the Central Region.

Channel U currently broadcasts via VHF (Very High Frequency), which located on VHF channel 28 in the Singapore. However, a weak UHF (Ultra High Frequency) signal is also receivable and also available over the StarHub TV a subscription-based pay television platform on channel 103.

Channel U under its former broadcaster, SPH MediaWorks, broadcast every Monday-Saturday starting 10am and Sundays starting 9:30am and closed down at 2:15am.


  • Zhang Hai Jie (张海洁)
  • Wang Yanqing
  • Evelyn Tan
  • Zhou Huimin


  • Jeanette Aw (歐萱)
  • Michelle Chia (謝韻儀)
  • Ong Ai Leng (王爱玲)
  • Quan Yifeng (權怡風)
  • Bryan Wong (王祿江)
  • Hong Junyang (洪俊扬)
  • Kelly Poon (潘嘉丽)
  • Kelvin Tan (陈伟联)
  • Chew Sin Huey (石欣卉)
  • Shaun Chen (陳泓宇)
  • Thomas Ong (王沺裁)
  • Julian Hee (许立桦)
  • Edmund Chen (陈之财)
  • Ann Kok (郭舒贤)
  • Jerry Yeo (杨伟烈)
  • Zen Chong (章证翔)
  • Wee Kheng Ming (黄启铭)
  • Tracy Lee (李美玲)
  • Stella Chung (钟晓玉)
  • William San (辛伟廉)
  • Yvonne Lim (林湘萍)
  • Paige Chua (蔡琦慧)
  • Bryan Chan (陈国华)
  • Cavin Soh (苏智诚)
  • Rick Smith (司馬琦)
  • Li Wenhai (李文海)


Current affairs[]

  • Inside Out 非常透视眼
  • Legally Yours 知法不犯法
  • Go East 把把脉抓抓药 (4 seasons)
  • Sense of Being 冷暖人间事 (6 seasons)


  • Money No Problem 恭喜发财 (50 episodes)
  • OK, No Problem Ok,没问题 (also comprised a talkshow segment) (60 episodes)
  • 2001: Making Headlines独家头条 (13 episodes)
  • 2001: Apple Pie 苹果派 (13 episodes)
  • 2001: Ad War 完美把戏 (20 episodes)
  • 2003: The Frontline 家在前线 (13 July) (6 episodes)
  • 2003: Together Whenever 天伦 (42 episodes)
  • 2004: Perfect Women 完美女人 (50 episodes)
  • 2004: Be Somebody 海军 (25 May) (6 episodes)
  • 2004: Zero 零楼 (20 episodes)
  • Project J 水母计划 (6 episodes)
  • Happy Family 原氏一家人 (26 episodes)
  • Cash Is King 胜券在握 (40 episodes)
  • Touched 情色男女 (13 episodes)
  • She Drives Me Crazy 爱上女车长 (4 episodes)
  • Back To Basics (5 episodes)
  • Seventh Month 七月 (7 episodes)
  • Heal And Be Healed 易心人 (20 episodes)
  • Tonight I Will Tell 人生导火线 (2 seasons of 13 episodes each)
  • Crunch Time 转捩点 (2 seasons of 13 episodes each)


  • 2001: Big Challenge 骨牌真情录
  • Celebrity Travellers换栖俱乐部
  • Snap (3 seasons) 全星总动员
  • Yummy King (3 Seasons) 优选美食王
  • Variety Unlimited 综艺无界限
  • Ready Steady Go! (2 Seasons)
  • Food Train (2 Seasons)
  • Route to Glamour 新卧虎藏龙
  • Happy Rules 开心就好
  • 人人有份
  • 病非末日
  • Ooooh 元气大搜查
  • What Say You 人人爱理 (2 seasons)


  • 2003: Ren Ci Charity Show 2003 仁心慈爱照万千2003
  • 2004: Ren Ci Charity Show 2004 仁心慈爱照万千2004
  • Add Your Service 服务加加加
  • Banzai My Kids 亲子关系
  • The Westside Story西街少年
  • Top 10

Closing night[]

On 1 January 2005, SPH Mediaworks Channel U ceased operations and was renamed MediaCorp TV Channel U.

While its sister channel, SPH MediaWorks Channel i, were broadcasting farewell programs, SPH MediaWorks Channel U chose to opt out and air its own final programme titled station ident, clock ident and startly the Channel U News at 10, a retrospective of SPH MediaWorks programming presented by Wang Yanqing (王嬿青) and Zhang Haijie (张海洁) pre-recorded in front of a studio audience earlier in the day.[1][2]

After the News, SPH Mediaworks Channel U broadcast its final station ident and the National Anthem. It became MediaCorp TV Channel U.


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