The Singapore LGBT encyclopaedia Wiki

SgWiki is a wiki site hosted on a local Singaporean server.

It was created on 13 June 2004 and focuses on topics relevant to Singapore, especially its public transport system.

Its first article was on the Somapah Interchange.

In September 2005, Roy Tan ported all the Singapore LGBT-related articles he started in mid-2005 in Wikipedia to SgWiki to circumvent the efforts of homophobic deletionists and editors at Wikipedia to remove large chunks of information on local LGBT culture and history.

However, SgWiki itself was not free of homophobic administrators who tried to block Tan's contributions.

In response to this, Tan ported the articles to other wikis like PBWiki, Wikidot, Shoutwiki and Wikia.

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  • The SgWiki website:[1].


This article was written by Roy Tan.