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Advertisement is the internet portal of Think Centre, an independent non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Singapore. First registered as a business (RCB) on 16 Jul 1999 and today as a society (under ROS) on 20 Oct 2001, the Centre aims to critically examine issues related to political development, democracy, rule of law, human rights and civil society. Think Centre's activities include research, publishing, organising events and networking.

Think Centre has been a member of Forum Asia since 2001.


  • Facilitate communication within the civil society platform that will include individuals, non-governmental organisations and others with similar objectives
  • Cultivate awareness, appreciation and understanding of civil, socio-economic and political perspectives, realities and alternatives
  • Foster a sense of duty to participate in the nation's political process and civil society

Executive committee[]

President - Dr Adrian Heok

Adrian is an independent researcher and consultant. Currently manages projects, does research and teach in a local school.

Executive Secretary - Ted Tan

Ted holds a Masters in Human Rights and International Relations from the University of Roehampton, U.K. His areas of specialisation include civil society processes within ASEAN, and issues related to labour migration, death penalty and the Universal Periodic Review.

Treasurer (2015-) - Soe Min Than

Min Than works on labour migration issues within the TC team. He is also a freelance swim coach and is currently pursuing a degree in psychology.

Events organised[]


Politics 21 - From Student Politics to Real Politics: Youth, Politics & Civil Society

Politics 21 - Active Citizenship & Politics in Singapore: Exploring Political Expression & Action

Politics 21 - Non-Partisanship: Politics without Punishment

Politics 21 - Human Rights: Every Singaporean Matters

Forum - Political Society in Singapore (Gomez vs JBJ Debate)

Forum - Human Rights vs Human Security

Speakers' Corner opening launch - Speakers' Fest

Think Centre's First Birthday Bash

Speakers' Corner - International Human Rights Day (IHRD) 2000

Organisational Retreat 2000

Forum - Citizenship Education: You Have the Right!

Speakers' Corner - First Anniversary

IHRD 2001 Commemoration Forum - Free Your Mind & The Rest Will Follow

Organisational Retreat 2001


Youth Conference (Johor Bahru, Malaysia)

Access to Information (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Regional Ethics in Leadership Conference (Hanoi, Vietnam)

MPH Speakers' Corner (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)

Human Rights and Human Security in Southeast Asia (Bangkok, Thailand)

ASEAN and Campaigns to Ban Landmines (Bangkok, Thailand: 12-14 May 2002)


Self-censorship: Singapore's Shame

SHAME - Singapore's first internet political magazine

Young Vietnam: Doi Moi's Children

Internet Politics: Surveillance & Intimidation in Singapore

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